Children and Preschool Educational Director

Vickie Everett

Calvary Baptist Preschool                                


Calvary Baptist Preschool partners with parents to teach children by providing a Bible-based, age-appropriate education for preschoolers in a safe, loving Christian environment. Classroom activities foster development in language, math, large and small muscle skills, as well as, social interactions. Skills are taught through units about self, family, community, seasons and other topics of interest to young preschoolers. Bible thoughts, stories, and songs are included in each unit. The 4 year-old curriculum includes readiness activities for language, math, large muscle, small muscle, visual and auditory development, as well as, important personal and social skills.


Calvary Baptist Preschool classes are designed for eighteen months to four years old (PreK) based on their age as of September 1. Children enrolled in our 3 and 4 years old programs are required to register for all three days. Children enrolled in our 18 months or 2 years old programs are encouraged to attend all three days to help the children become more familiar with their class routine.


Calvary Baptist Preschool meets on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 am until 2 pm. Following the Scottsboro City Schools (SCS) calendar, we begin one week after the first day of school and end one week before the last day of school. We will also follow SCS for holiday and weather days.

For more information or an application:

Please contact Vickie Everett, Preschool/Children’s Education @ 256-259-2001 or Calvary Baptist Church office @ 256-259-0385. This link will reach Vickie via email.